Citi Housing Kharian Location and Current Development Status

Citi Housing Kharian Location and Current Development Status

Citi Housing Kharian is a new housing project by the famous and renowned developers of Pakistan, “Citi Housing,” for the people of Kharian in District Gujrat. The owner and developers are having a modest vision for the people of Pakistan to locate them in beautiful surroundings that they could call Gold Standard Living in Pakistan

In the real estate sector, this housing project is among the top housing societies in Pakistan for the people of Kharian to provide them an excellent living standard in a residential community.

The mission of the management and owner of Citi Housing Kharian is to develop new and innovative investment opportunities for the people of Pakistan. Apart from this, the housing project aims to provide modern infrastructure and world-class residential living and facilitate residents of Citi Housing Kharian with modern amenities.

However, we will be focusing on the Citi Housing Kharian Location and the Development Status. Before we move toward the location and development status of the housing project, let me tell you that this project has the ability to lead investors to high returns on Investments with zero risk.

Citi Housing Kharian Location

This prestigious housing project Citi Housing Kharian is located on the Grand Truck Road, which is the Main GT Road in district Gujrat that connects different cities of Pakistan. The society is located on a road that is giving easy access to the famous housing project of the NMC Housing Scheme’s “New Metro City Kharian.”

When it comes to investing in real estate projects, the location of the society is an important consideration. And the Citi Housing Kharian has a prime location that is easily accessible from various regions of Pakistan. Permit us to assist you with the location by providing details on it!

  • Total Area

The total area of Citi Housing Kharian is 10,000 to 14,000 Kanal. The housing project has both commercial and residential areas to allow investors to invest for the purpose of business in the Citi housing Kharian Commercial plots, whereas to provide an opportunity to the people of Gujrat to live their dream living in Citi Housing Kharian Residential Plots.

However, near in the future, the Citi Housing Kharian will extend its area, which will allow more interested investors to invest in Citi Housing Kharian

  • Citi Housing Kharian Map  

Citi Housing Kharian is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Kharian, which is easy to access from different roads, especially from GT road. Investors are showing their keen interest in investing in the housing project, which has a prominent location.

Citi Housing Kharian is committed to providing all the housing requirements for the people in its community and those in Jhelum, Gujrat, Mirpur AJK, and Mandi Bahauddin. 

Citi Housing Kharian Location and Map sited in a pivotal position, making it easy to reach all residential and commercial areas. It also provides investors with chances for risk-free and secure investments and significant returns on their investments.

  • Nearby Places

Nearby places of a society have a vital role in attracting investors and residents to their residential and commercial areas. The value of society’s commercial and residential properties can be affected by the nearby place and location. Following are the Citi Housing Kharian nearby places.

  • New Metro City Kharian
  • Grand City Kharian 
  • GT Road
  • Bhugwal
  • Main Kharian City 
  • Access Points

Citi Housing Kharian could be easily accessed from the following locations.

  • GT Road 3 Minutes’ Drive
  • Grand City Kharian 4 Minutes’ Drive
  • New Metro City Kharian 7 Minutes’ Drive
  • Kharian City 22 Minutes’ Drive
  • Bhugwal 32 Minutes’ Drive

Citi Housing Kharian Development Status

The total area of the Citi Housing Kharian for development is 10,000 to 14,000 Kanal and will be extended in the future. City Housing Kharian features a world-class architectural concept and up-to-date living requirements. 

The management of the Citi Housing Kharian project has announced that the construction of the project will be finished by the end of this year. The developers of the Citi Housing Kharian are well-known in the real estate industry for their ability to rapidly and fast construction. 

On the other hand, Citi Housing Kharian is a newly developing and opulent housing society with the slogan of (Gold Standard Living in Pakistan), which will make opulent amenities available to its residents, meeting modern-day quality expectations for tranquillity and convenience. 

The housing project aims to provide a way of life that meets international standards. This project has been built with a lot of unique features and amenities to give the residents a high-level living standard.

Following are the unique features and amenities of the Citi Housing Kharian.

  • Mosques
  • Wide roads and different entrance
  • Golf Course
  • High standard school and college facility
  • Zoo
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Recreational parks and lakes
  • 24/7 working healthcare centers and hospitals
  • Community centers
  • Business Locations
  • Sports complex, gym, and spa facility
  • Sewerage system
  • Security and surveillance working 24/7
  • Water resource
  • Community graveyard
  • Uninterrupted electric power supply
  • Gas facility


Citi Housing Kharian is, of course, located in a prominent location in the beautiful city of Kharian, with a famous adjacent location on Main GT Road. This is undoubtedly a place for dreams to come true, fulfill living desires, and earn profit by investing in different business opportunities. 

Society also has world-class development. That will satisfy their residents by facilitating them with modern living standards. 

For further details and quarries, contact a Top Real Estate Firm in Pakistan, Makaan Solutions. The firm will assist you if you are dreaming of a home in Citi Housing Kharian or need any assistance regarding your investment.

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