Citi Housing Kharian Location

The location of Citi Housing Kharian is prime for various reasons. The Citi Housing Kharian is located along the Grand Trunk (GT) Road in Sarai Alamgir, Gujrat District. Its accessible position is a very short and convenient distance from the Sarai Alamgir. So sometimes, it is also referred to as Citi Housing Sarai Alamgir. Moreover, it is situated in the city's most approachable and feasible area. Several well-known housing societies and roads lie in its proximity.

Citi Housing Kharian Map

The Citi Housing Kharian map location offers the most detailed insights about Citi Housing Kharian. It is located at a very strategic location connecting various major cities. Its location map can be viewed for more details about its location and accessibility options.

Road Connectivity

Grand Trunk (GT) Road and Sialkot-Rawalpindi Motorway provide the most accessible connectivity to it.

Commercial Hub

Citi Housing Kharian's location is also significant as it is a commercial hub around the city, which allows residents to have business promotion.

Near Landmarks Societies

It is also proximal to some of the most renowned housing societies, which makes it further reputable and accessible.

Location Advantages

Nearby Landmarks